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Miami event photography, videography & photo booth rentals

Photo booth rental prices

  • $500 includes 2 hours Size 3/4 People +$150.00 per additional hour

    2 hr

    500 US dollars
  • $750 includes 3 hours Size 3/4 People +$150.00 per additional hour

    3 hr

    750 US dollars
  • $1000 includes 4 hours Size 3/4 People +$150.00 per additional hour

    4 hr

    1,000 US dollars
  • $200.00 includes 2 hours e +$75.00 per additional hour

    2 hr

    200 US dollars

Photo Booth Rental Pricing

Step into the spin zone with a 360 Photo Booth Rental

Attention, partygoers and event planners! Let me tell you about a business that elevates your events. I'm referring to Miami Spin 360, a leading provider of rental services for modern 360-degree video booths.
When you make a reservation with Miami Spin 360, you don't just get any old photo booth. You will receive a 360-degree, fully immersive video experience that will wow your visitors and leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, they provide a bespoke overlay for your videos with your logo.
But things don't stop there. By including a bubble machine, a fog machine, and items that fit your event's theme, they take it to the next level. These extra features will give a sense of uniqueness and make your party or event more enjoyable.
And let me tell you, the Miami Spin 360 staff is competent and supportive. The success of your event is essential to them. And to top it all off, they provide some of South Florida's most affordable video booth rentals.
So stop putting it off and visit right away to reserve your 360-degree video booth experience. You won't regret it, I promise. Miami Spin 360 will help you create a memorable occasion.

Photo booth rental packages

photobooth rentals Servicing Miami, Broward, and West palm

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